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LIVE: Shepherds Bush Empire 1999

"Shakin' who?"

"Oh yea! What did he sing?....Ohwa..." she said, snapping her fingers. ".....Merry Christmas Everyone!"

"Yea and - behind the Green Door!"

"This Ole House"

"Your sad!"

Well, that's how the average conversation about Shaky goes - until you see him LIVE!

Shakin' Stevens is the 1950's alive in the 80's, 90's and now the 2000's. On stage he is a great performer, with a snarling voice who can rock your socks off or serenade the girls until they fall at his feet in an uncontrollable, blubbering mess. As the most successful singles artist of the 80's, the the only reason the hits dried up is because he stopped releasing records.

The delivery is awesome. The band is awesome. Shaky is awesome in the prestigious Shepherds Bush Empire that, for tonight, he has made his own. Hitting us raw and hard, launching into "This Ole House", the crowd are transfixed to see if Shaky is gonna give them the Shaky shuffle or a classic "rock out". The hits keep coming and he's just warming up. Marie Marie is the catalyst for a cut loose rock 'n' roll rollercoaster to the finish. During the encore, Johnny Burnette's "Tear It Up" is given the Shaky treatment and I quote "is incendiary, a squalling, spitting blast of attitude and greaser cool." Ah, that's why Shaky "has a lot of fun with this one".

Shakin' Stevens, supported by slick rockin' guitar riffs (Darrel Higham), boogie woogie piano (Gavin Povey), driving bass (Stuart Colman) and thumping drums (Howard Tibble) that make you wanna move. Oh dosen't get much better than this!

Joe D