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The Collection CD/DVD - Score: 7 out of 10


Shaky is back in the charts with the compilation of remastered hits, celebrating 25 years since his first hit, "Hot Dog". It follows the huge success of the platinum selling No.1 album "Collectable" in Denmark.

There are some differences though to the biggest hits; This Ole House, Green Door and Oh Julie. Shaky seems to have recorded new vocals which have been over dubbed in various points throughout the songs. The most obvious being "to meet the saints" which is repeated in This Ole House. Green Door isn't so obvious, but the ad-libbing in the instrumental break has changed and a symbol crash has been added when Shaky sings "green door". There are also other subtle differences to listen for. Oh Julie sounds as though a significant percentage of the vocals have changed, with Shaky singing slightly different lyrics and timing.

All the tracks have been digitally remastered from the original released recordings of the singles - where this might be true of the majority of tracks on the CD, it certainly does not seem true of all of them. However that does not change the fact that this is a cracking CD of Shaky's hits.

The highlight of the disc is Marie Marie, which since being remastered, packs a bigger punch and will stand up against todays sound. The same can be said for You Drive Me Crazy and I'll Be Satisfied, which no longer have the flatness found on previous CD releases.

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This Ole House - 7/10 (Dodgy over dubs)
Cry Just A Little Bit - 9/10 (Nothing wrong with this song for the girls!)
Lipstick Powder and Paint - 7/10 (More bass needed)
Green Door - 7/10 (Dodgy over dubs)
A Love Worth Waiting For - 6/10 (Far too much echo!)
What Do You Want To Make
Those Eyes At Me For
- 6/10 - (More bass needed!)
A Rockin' Good Way - 6/10 - (Great vocals from Shaky, but production is far to clean!)
Marie Marie - 10/10 (A fantastic snarling rocker with a real kick and top guitar solo!)
Teardrops - 7/10 (There's that echo again!)
Turning Away - 9/10 (A live favourite with fans and non fans alike, but the lyrics are a little repetitive)
You Drive Me Crazy - 10/10 (The ultimate strolling pop song, great guitar and vocal)
A Letter To You - 7/10 (I don't know how to describe this one, catchy)
Oh Julie - 6/10 (Those overdubbed vocals don't do it for me)
Because I Love You - 9/10 (Almost makes me cry!)
Hot Dog - 7/10 (Early Shaky, from a fab album, Take One!)
Breaking Up My Heart - 7/10 (Shaky meets the 80's and throws in some sax - it's not too bad. Raunchy video....)
It's Raining - 7/10 (Great vocal and piano)
Shirley - 7/10 (Driving rhythm)
A Little Boogie Woogie - 5/10 (Mmmm...they shouldn't be giving that guy any more royalties)
Give Me Your Heart Tonight - 7/10 (Mid-tempo ballad)

Radio - 6/10 (Shaky's trying new things here...)
I'll Be Satisfied - 9/10 (An explosion of sound!)
Feel The Need In Me - 5/10 (Shaky's trying new things again)
It's Late - 6/10 (Too clean again, but you really should try to catch this one live....)
Merry Christmas Everyone - 9/10 (Probably one of the best Christmas songs ever - but that's the problem - the public perception of Shaky changed on the back of this hit.)

"The Collection" is released with a limited edition bonus DVD featuring 12 hit videos, remastered to 5.1 surround sound.

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On general release in the UK.