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LIVE: Fairfield Halls, Croydon 2000

Shaky has had a busy time of it recently and is touring the UK once more.

At the Fairfield Hall in Croydon, Shakin' Stevens stamped his passport to more chart success with another hot performance. Shaky opened with the driving rocker Honey Hush, his fans itching to get up and dance. There was a sense of dissatisfaction among the army of faithful fans because of the strict no standing policy - what was the point? This was a rock concert after all. I imagine Shaky was pleased to see people enjoying themselves at last when the die hard said enough is enough and rushed the staged to let loose!

Shaky followed with some new successful arrangements of hits including You Drive Me Crazy and Give Me Your Heart Tonight. We were treated to rockin' country blues in the form of How Could You Be Like That, I Ain't Never and True Love Travels on a Gravel Road, perhaps to be featured on a speculated forthcoming CD.

The set closed with a predictable rockin' finale of It's Late, Tear It Up, This Ole House and So Long Baby Goodbye.

A release is now required to keep the bandwagon rolling, but I felt some despondency among the fans who feel it's not going to happen - recording continues but apparently so does the search for a decent record deal. Shakin' Stevens is a class rock'n'roll act supported by a class rock'n'roll band - the holiday circuit can wait a bit longer!

Joe D - 2000