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LIVE: Fairfield Halls, Croydon 1999

If you were to talk to today's teenagers about Shakin' Stevens, they will give you a very blank look. Talk to today's thirtysomethings about him and most of them will laugh at you - although I don't really know why. Where is the problem?

Shaky is perceived as neither cool or uncool, popular or unpopular and it's hard to believe that this guy is now in his early fifties. He remains ever youthful, performing in the millennium with the same energy as at the height of his stardom twenty years ago. Shaky sounds and looks great.

If you were lucky enough to experience one of his concerts on the recent UK tour, you will understand why Shakin' Stevens can still sell out a venue. He has a huge following of loyal fans who remain faithful because he delivers rock 'n' roll as it was meant to be: raw, fast and LOUD!

With another full house and electrifying atmosphere at the Farfield Hall, Croydon, Shaky rolled back the years with classics like This Ole House, You Drive Me Crazy, and Oh Julie. He got us rockin' with Turning Away and Marie Marie, cooled down with True Love Travels on a Gravel Road and blasted the roof off with It's Late, Tear It Up and So Long Baby Goodbye.

Forget all those silly woolly pullover Christmas songs - Shakin' Stevens is a class act, supported by a class rock 'n 'roll band.

Joe D - 1999